Getting deeper with wine, spirit and Thai food

Thailand being a huge country and tourist spot has the finest and the best of the global wines to offer. Moreover, Thailand has many vineyards as well where people can go and pick out the best wines for themselves and enjoy!

Vineyards in Thailand:

If you are in Thailand and want to make out the best of the memories along with a glass of wine, the following are the best vineyards that you explore:

  • Monsoon Valley (it is the best vineyard that should be explored when in Thailand. It contains a restaurant, wide range of activities for wine lovers, including bottle-painting sessions, wine tastings. The tours also include the nearby Kuiburi National Park, as well as the vineyard. What can be more perfect than this?)
  • PB Valley Khao Yai Winery (this 1000 acre vineyard is perched on a hill next to the Khao Yai National Park)
  • Silverlake (this vineyard can be found in Pattaya)

Wine and Thai Food:

Thai food has an obsession that no one can resist. Thai food and wine (also known as ไวน์ in Thai) are a combination that no one can avoid falling in love with. It is important to note what type of wine you are comparing with your Thai food as it is heavy. It is important to note that heavy Thai food cannot be compared with heavy, dark, and flavorful wine. Heavy Thai food and light wine is the best combination.

What are some of the best wines to compare with Thai food?


The acidity and freshness in Bubbly wines help to avoid greasy food and lighten the fried Thai food. Sparkling Bubbly wine is the best to eat heavy Thai food with since it’s light enough to complement Thai seafood.

Enjoy bubbly with Thai Style Snack Platter (Shrimp Cake, Grilled Pork Cheek, Lemongrass Chicken Wings, Chicken Balls)

White Wine:

White wine is a great match to drink with spicier Thai food. Sweeter off-dry white wine helps to balance and minimize the spices in food. It’s light enough so it doesn’t clash with fish sauce or seafood. Furthermore, it serves as a beautiful complement to common Thai flavors like coconut, lemongrass, or lime.

Enjoy white wine with Risotto with Deep-Fried Soft Shell Crab in Thai Green Curry.

Red Wine:

If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, red wine can work perfectly with Thai food. We recommend that you should go for a light-bodied red with a simple structure, such as this Pinot Noir from Karl May. A light, fruity, and elegant wine with very soft tannins – since tannins don’t react well to spicy Thai food.

How to Spot the Best Wine?

 If you are someone who is looking for the best wine in Thailand, you can follow the following points to spot the best wine:

  • Importance of Back Label

The great marketing tool that wines manufacturers use is creating an attractive front label that will seek the attention of the customer and make them buy the wine compulsively. Look for back labels so that one can spot the best of the bests wine available in Thailand by reading the sensory characteristics.

  • Variety of the Grape

Always look for the variety of the grape that is used in the bottle of the wine. Check if a single grape is used as some producers use a different blend of grapes as well.

  • Stamp approval

Check the stamp approval as it gives you an insight into the Authentication of wine

  • Smell sensation

The most important sense for checking wine is the smell. Use your smell sensation to test the smell as it will give you a clue of the ingredients and the taste